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The dream I had for the Jeshield website, was like building a large tower, stone by stone, with persistence and focus. -- Strong Tower - Digitale Art von Matthias Zegveld
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Art Strong Tower

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28 April 2012


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The dream I had for the Jeshield Website, was like building a large tower, stone by stone, with persistence and focus.

This Artwork pictures a `Strong Tower` -- rising high above all of the surrounding hills, taking its royal place as a mighty and stable structure that is dwelling in a sea of peaceful surroundings.

In reality, this Artwork also represents my longstanding dream of having a strong, peaceful base in life. Not just for the everyday-needs but just as much for my strong passion for creating these Digital Artworks. It is my dream to have a place where I can live in and fully embrace my talents as a `Modern Designer`.

-- Matthias Zegveld

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